Safety and Health

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Safety in the transport of hydrofluoric acid

For hydrogen fluoride producers and users, safety is a key component of their Responsible Care® commitment. One of the major achievements of the Eurofluor membership has been the publication of recommendations on the safe handling of hydrofluoric acid. From production right through to the consumer, they cover every aspects of processing, handling, storage, transportation and use, as well as important aspects of health and the environment. These recommendations are regularly reviewed in order to account for the latest scientific data, legislative updates and technical progress. The Safety, Transport & Storage (STS) Committee is often assisted in this task by material and equipment manufacturers, whose input is highly valuable.

Due to its unique properties, hydrofluoric acid and products derived from it are essential for our daily lives. They all need to be transported from manufacturing plants to customers’ sites. HF has been transported by road, rail and by ship for more than fifty years, and has never during this time been the subject of a major incident in Europe.

This enviable safety record is due in large measure to the high quality of the tanks used to transport the material. Designed in accordance with a number of international regulations and built in steel, they meet the highest safety criteria. In addition, the units are regularly inspected and certificated by independent bodies.

Should any kind of incident occur, specially trained technicians are on call in every European country in which this product is transported, to give professional advice and minimise the consequences.

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