Eurofluor (CTEF, Comité Technique Européen du Fluor) is the Association representing the major producers and users of hydrogen fluoride (HF) and fluoride chemicals in Europe.

The Association was formed in 1975 to ensure safe production, storage, transportation and use of hydrofluoric acid.

Hydrofluoric acid is used as a chemical feedstock for fluorocarbons. It is also used in petroleum refining and glass treatment, in the metallurgic industry, in the production of electronicspharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, as well as in consumer products like detergents and toothpastes.

The Association aims to

  • ensure the proper production, handling, transportation and use of hydrofluoric acid
  • ensure effective protection of workers, the environment and the people living around hydrofluoric acid plants
  • ensure proper medical treatment in case of accidental hydrofluoric acid burns
  • study the trends in hydrofluoric acid consumption in view of the rapidly changing legislation for downstream products
  • ensure adequate communication on its products and recommendations

Eurofluor HF Publications

Eurofluor recommendations are
available in different languages.


Direct download: Guidelines in case of AHF/HF exposure



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Quotation: CTEF represents the major producers and users for HF in Europe